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IBR on The Cruelest Sport

“Enthusiasm, as defined by Voltaire in his “Philosophical Dictionary” is a “disturbance of the entrails, internal agitation.” Working with this definition, it is reasonable to say that the super middleweight fight between Andre Ward and Chad Dawson indeed generated a great deal of enthusiasm. The fight, staged at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California, pitted arguably the two best fighters in the world between 168 and 175 pounds against each other. For some, enthusiasm came in the form of anticipation of this “Best versus Best” affair—a seemingly mythical occurrence in boxing, a pugilistic Sasquatch sighting. Others found themselves plunked at the other end of the spectrum, their entrails disturbed by the potential for viewing drudgery. What transpired over the course of the fight, a 10th-round TKO victory for Ward, was something resembling the mean.”

Read “Easy Living: Andre Ward TKO10 Chad Dawson” on The Cruelest Sport.

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IBR on The Cruelest Sport

“True to form, Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins and “Bad” Chad Dawson managed to avoid fighting throughout twelve tense but uneventful rounds last Saturday night at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. Even with quasi-willing participants in the stands there was little enthusiastic violence to be found.”

Read “Lord of Illusions: Bernard Hopkins, Chad Dawson, and Style as Strategy”

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