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IBR on Hannibal Boxing

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“Which means that very soon Top Rank will be able to deliver us an undisputed lightweight champion. There are ways to scuff the shine of that distinction to be sure, and no chance the winner retains all of that hardware for very long, considering the promotional and network goodwill required for so heavily-belted a fighter to fulfill his mandatory defenses. Making the fight would mean convincing Lomachencko to face the still unproven though undeniably dangerous Lopez; and perhaps Lopez—who thus far has been properly irreverent in speaking of “Hi-Tech”—will recalibrate his ambition when finally offered the challenge he has courted. Oh, and only the new and naive would expect Top Rank to delivery promptly a fight it can tease for a year or so, especially considering what little incentive there is for the company to get their present or future knocked off by the other—an outcome the loser might interpret as proof of favoritism.”

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IBR on Hannibal

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“There is little to say about the action. That Schwarz was ranked number two by the WBO is baffling only until you remember who the sanctioning body’s favorite promoter is. You hadn’t heard of Schwarz, 24-1 (16), before he was sacrificed to Fury and he’ll return to Germany, never to be heard from again. Fury danced on the hapless heavyweight like a six-foot-nine Josh Baskin pounding out a melody on the (LM)FAO Schwarz keys. A pair of hooks to the body were all Schwarz could land, and only because Fury, enamored with his own slickness, occasionally swapped a sound defense for a flashy one.”

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“Perhaps the only point of interest in this throwaway main event was this: Golovkin now seems to be fighting both opponents and his age. However stout his chin (and Golovkin is an absorber par excellence), however feeble his opponent, however foregone the fight’s conclusion, a world-class fighter should not take the kind of leather Golovkin took against Rolls. It is time to dispel forever that piece of fanatic lunacy that Golovkin takes punches in the name of drama—he takes them because he can’t help it. And he is open to them now more than ever in part because time has taken from him what Dominic Wade and Vanes Martirosyan and even Jacobs and Alvarez could not.”

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