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IBR on Hannibal Boxing


There may be no lonelier man in sports than the fighter whose words are used to augment the swiftness and savagery of his downfall. When members of Williams’s team leveled poorly-veiled accusations of PED use at Charlo, they only worsened their fighter’s defeat. Widely written off, Williams fought accordingly, facing a string of forgettable opponents in forgettable bouts while the division went on without him. In another example of boxing’s twisted logic, that moribundity made a mandatory challenger of Williams, putting him in line for one of Jarrett “Swift” Hurd’s many titles.

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“When it was over, he called it a “contest.” Danny Jacobs lost a unanimous decision to Saul “Canelo” Alvarez at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday night, lost his middleweight title, lost his chance at becoming the unified middleweight champion of the world in the highest profile bout of his career. And when that opportunity had slipped, parried, and rolled its way beyond his reach, Jacobs marked its departure by complimenting the quality of the contest. There are several reasons why Jacobs fell short Saturday, not least among them this: when victory’s windfall demanded a fight, Jacobs would only contest for it.”

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IBR on Hannibal Boxing


“If Alvarez, twenty-eight, beats Jacobs now little remains for him at middleweight. There’s a fight with Demetrius Andrade to crown an undisputed middleweight champion, but that fight is unlikely because Andrade, on top of possessing a dreadful style, has a title, which probably makes him Jacobs’s comeback target. And then there is the third go with Golovkin, which would happen even if both Alvarez and Golovkin (now also a DAZN fighter) were chilled in their next fights. With Golovkin finally beaten decisively (the only outcome anyone should expect the next time), Alvarez would be left waiting for the aspirants at junior-middleweight and even welterweight to pursue the greatest prize available to them. Alvarez could take them on as he chose: knocking off the ones with greater popularity than potential before some lesser opponent were to beat him to it, while also rushing to those fighters who might be legitimate threats in a few years.”

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