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IBR on Hannibal Boxing

“He calls his ascension “The Takeover,” a title that brings to mind fellow Brooklynite, Jay-Z, whose own “Takeover” also claimed an industry. Repeated ad nauseum the term loses its appeal, and what catchphrase isn’t beaten to death in “the big drama show?” But it isn’t without its charm. “The Takeover” sounds aggressive, more violent than “ascension” or “arrival”; it conjures thoughts of usurping force, a hostile wresting of power.”

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IBR on Hannibal Boxing

“The fight is intriguing mostly because of what the challenger brings. If that opinion fails to give Lomachenko his due, very well. But by now, a whopping fifteen fights into Lomachenko’s career, one of which he lost, ten of which he ended early, thirteen of which saw him win or defend a title in one of three divisions, there is little to say. If he is not the fighter of his most lustful admirers’ dreams, he is nevertheless better than the fighter his staunchest critics wish he was. “Hi-Tech,” or “Loma,” or whatever moniker most pleases him, is the genuine article. Intrigue, then, is doubly the responsibility of matchmaking.”

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IBR on Hannibal Boxing

“Did anyone expect what transpired in the ESPN main event Saturday night? The answer, of course, is No. No one expected Ivan Baranchyk and Jose Zepeda to trade eight knockdowns in five rounds—even half that gaudy number typically brings a definitive end. Did you expect to see Baranchyk so grotesquely stiffened it took minutes to dislodge his mouthguard? No, no you didn’t.”

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