IBR on Hannibal Boxing

“Taylor became the undisputed junior welterweight champion Saturday, winning a unanimous decision over Jose Ramirez at the Virgin Hotels at Las Vegas. The scores were unanimous, reflecting in those three 114-112 tallies a close fight with only one winner. What separated Taylor from Ramirez on the cards was a pair of knockdowns. What separates Taylor from Ramirez as fighters explains how he scored them.”

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IBR on Hannibal Boxing

“There is symmetry between the musculature in Alvarez’s back and the infinity symbol on his trunks. The augmented strength of intertwining fibers and no end in sight. Consider who might conceivably beat this version of Alvarez, the version who crushed a Krusher, who is proving the super-middleweight division undeserving of the adjective. Alvarez is walking down larger men, cowing them with his elusiveness, with every counter, with every perfectly-placed shank to the liver. Does the man you would wager your neck on toppling Alvarez weigh less than two hundred pounds?”

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“That transformation must have appealed to Corley, a man obsessed with discipline and control, specifically self-control, with what he can demand of himself. It isn’t maniacal, and there is nothing about Corley’s preternatural capacity for discipline that stands to harm other people. Sturdy but subtle, it’s woven quietly into his behavior such that it is discerned most clearly in contrasting his indulgences with those other forty-six-year-old men might permit themselves. It’s hard to believe Corley struggled much in a pandemic year, treating its unhinging restrictions as one more demand on his willpower, one more opportunity to embrace discipline.”

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