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“There are a few rounds in every fight in which opponents must feel like they are going to make the breach. One of the criticisms of Crawford is that he starts slowly and there were likely a few pompous 140-character remarks about Crawford’s impending comeuppance when Postol started well on Saturday. But Crawford does not lose the opening rounds, at least not in the sense that he is powerless to prevent how they unfold. Rather, he concedes these rounds, accepting that opponents will often have success while betraying the means to their undoing. It would be interesting to hear what his opponents thought of their auspicious early moments. Did they ever think about the price that might be extracted for their good fortune? Or wonder what they were unintentionally revealing while laying the foundation for a victory that would never come?”

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“Perhaps the most interesting glimpse into the psyche of unified light heavyweight titleholder Sergey Kovalev is this: Kovalev once asked his trainer whether he punched hard enough to pursue a career as a professional fighter. That he posed this question at the dawn of his career is telling. Is it not possible this question hints at a fissure in the armor of boxing’s resident bully? In wondering if he has power enough to succeed – despite power hardly being a necessary or sufficient condition of success in the ring – Kovalev might well be revealing what fighting anxieties plague him in his most private moments.”

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“To watch Joshua in the aftermath of his victory was to see a man treated like a warlord: undressed of his weaponry and armor by doting attendants, redressed in the gold befitting his status, receiving this ritual with a mixture of disregard and pride. Because the victor feels power enough to allow others to help him, his strength makes him both deserving of worship and able to accept it.”

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