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IBR on 15 Rounds


“There is an education to be had when you share the ring with a dirty fighter, one that Kovalev has not acquired. This is not to defend such fighters (though they are certainly not without their charm). Still, it is naive to operate on the assumption that a man fighting for his livelihood will respect the rules if he knows how to skirt them. Naive too to expect referees, each with his own interpretation of how a fight should unfold and where his grounds for involvement lie, to enforce those rules ever to your favor. And yes, a feeble apology for Kovalev the sportsman can be offered here, but think what praise would have been heaped on him had he intentionally strayed his best cross to the belly six inches low and set clear for all the terms of engagement.”

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IBR on 15 Rounds


“There was an infomercial of sorts at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Saturday night. In a rematch undesirable and undesired, Adonis Stevenson did away with Andrzej Fonfara in brutal fashion, requiring but twice the time a part-time construction worker needed one year ago. If ever you needed proof that Stevenson remains a bridge too far for Fonfara…ah, but you didn’t need such proof did you? Stevenson remains one of the best fighters in the division, your eyes can tell you that. Yet however successful, his has been a forgettable reign (which should sit just fine with a promoter who can keep Deontay Wilder belted).”

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IBR on 15 Rounds


“American welterweight Errol “The Truth” Spence beat England’s Kell “Special K” Brook into submission before 27,000 or so of Brook’s supporters at Bramall Lane Football Ground in Sheffield, Saturday. In the eleventh round, Brook, feeling himself sufficiently mauled, escaped Spence via the only avenue remaining and kneeled before what looks more and more like the next man to rule the welterweight division.”

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