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“Lomachenko had his way with Marriaga as everyone expected, and as no other fighter has; though the point about expectations should dominate the narrative. He lost perhaps a handful of seconds over the course of the fight, scoring two knockdowns, including one at the end of the seventh that started with a Lomachenko left hand but finished courtesy of Marriaga’s stumbling escape. This is what Lomachenko does: beat opponents into a doomed retreat, one that ends with them slumped on their stools, peeking past protective handlers like baby musk oxen. There is no award for best between-round corner stoppage of the year, alas.”

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IBR on 15 Rounds



“Since living too large for lightweight, where his imposing physicality acted as a force-multiplier for a handful of appreciable tricks, Broner has been anything but a problem. Like a ship in the swath of a lighthouse, Broner has spent years moving in and out of the spotlight, advancing on a course set for his own wreckage. Unfortunately for him, the response to his first defeat was so ecstatic that future ones will be fractionally satisfying.”

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IBR on 15 Rounds


Welterweights Manny Pacquiao and Jeff Horn met at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia, Saturday night in a fight broadcast by ESPN; a fight that delivered an outcome in keeping with the off-brand look of the production and cacophony of inane commentary typical of a network that for so long was in the glorified club fight business. Horn was awarded a unanimous decision over Pacquiao, the most absurd one yet hung on the aging Filipino, though not so heinous that that title too couldn’t one day change hands.”

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