IBR on 15 Rounds


“American welterweight Errol “The Truth” Spence beat England’s Kell “Special K” Brook into submission before 27,000 or so of Brook’s supporters at Bramall Lane Football Ground in Sheffield, Saturday. In the eleventh round, Brook, feeling himself sufficiently mauled, escaped Spence via the only avenue remaining and kneeled before what looks more and more like the next man to rule the welterweight division.”

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IBR on 15 Rounds

Kell Brook v Errol Spence Press Conference - Bramall Lane

“Whether he is fighter enough to beat Brook, thankfully, is a question that will hang in the air for only a few more days. Should he prove to be, Spence will validate the PBC in a way no other fighter has: responsible for his path to a title, Haymon & Co. will forever be able to point to Spence’s rise as proof—however dubious—that their model works (Deontay Wilder being proof of something else entirely). Brook is a world class fighter though, perhaps overlooked here if, like Julian Williams before him, Spence is benefitting from a sort of trendiness that exaggerates his abilities. Again, it is easy to like Spence, to see in him a fitting heir to the division, but he has yet to prove he belongs against anyone remotely as good as Brook.”

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IBR on 15 Rounds


“Diaz may pocket a round or two if Crawford lets him, his confidence bolstered by the pyrrhic victories that begin him down the path to his doom. Crawford will measure, switch southpaw both frivolously and with purpose, decide at some point it is time to establish his dominance, and then thoroughly, maliciously, strip Diaz of his illusions. Quietly or otherwise, on his feet or his back, Diaz will go the way of his thirty predecessors; a fact that reflects matchmaking, yes, but also Crawford’s peerlessness. Few—if any—are the Crawford fights where the victor and not the manner of victory is in question.”

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