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“It has become trendy to praise Gonzalez, to recognize what is superlative and rare and, thus, it has become trendy to denigrate him. It is understandable that people look at a man that could sleep in a large dog crate and struggle to find reasons to fear him. The placid expression on those boyish features, a physiognomy almost incapable of sneer or snarl – his is the bearing of a paperboy. And who fears the paperboy? Lest you think the absence of that fear does not color how Gonzalez is appraised, how he is esteemed, spend a moment reflecting on why the “Baddest Man on the Planet” is so laudatory a compliment.”

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“Because, for all his limitations, Stevenson is dynamic in his ability to bury home the only fist opponents need fear. Against Williams, he started by using his jab to hide the cross Williams expected but could never see coming. When Williams employed a high guard to catch the crosses he couldn’t see, Stevenson responded by digging lefts into Williams’ body. This adjustment forced Williams to open his guard just enough for Stevenson to find his chin with left uppercuts. Unable to stem Stevenson’s assault, Williams’ redoubled his commitment to a kill-or-be-killed strategy, which, for the inferior fighter, does not offer the 50/50 proposition such an either/or relationship implies.”

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“There are a few rounds in every fight in which opponents must feel like they are going to make the breach. One of the criticisms of Crawford is that he starts slowly and there were likely a few pompous 140-character remarks about Crawford’s impending comeuppance when Postol started well on Saturday. But Crawford does not lose the opening rounds, at least not in the sense that he is powerless to prevent how they unfold. Rather, he concedes these rounds, accepting that opponents will often have success while betraying the means to their undoing. It would be interesting to hear what his opponents thought of their auspicious early moments. Did they ever think about the price that might be extracted for their good fortune? Or wonder what they were unintentionally revealing while laying the foundation for a victory that would never come?”

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