“They left the arena in silence, weaving determinedly through the shifting obstructions. They have their rhythms, conversations, that contrapuntalism has its tides. Their tide had gone out, leaving exposed in each man’s mind a smattering of curiosities like seashells freed of the lap and retreat that withheld their submerged splendor.”

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IBR on Hannibal Boxing

“It is going to take the right opponents to make more of Spence than the most dominant welterweight in PBC history. Spence needs opponents who fight with a fire he lacks, men pathologically opposed to defeat, incapable of resignation. Imagine him against the thousand hands of Paul Williams or the iron-chinned belligerence of Antonio Margarito. These hypothetical fights were employed to assay the merits of another American welterweight who became wildly popular despite his penchant for uninspired decision wins, one who summoned his best only when an opponent refused anything less. You can hear Spence apologists already: ‘Well if that is an apt comparison, he’d be stupid to change.’”

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IBR on Hannibal Boxing

“So why pick up the march through his welterweight district? Here we might suggest something complimentary about Spence’s sanguinary bent, his desire to measure himself against the best. But there is that Ocampo on his ledger, the aged Peterson, that sorry transaction with Mikey Garcia. Each is evidence enough that Spence, charming though he is, might not be the fighter he threatened to be when he one-upped his stablemates unseating a champion overseas by knockout. Perhaps this judgment is a bit hasty. Perhaps. But for how long has Crawford been a welterweight?”

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