This rancor of the lower divisions, a concussionista whose intentions reflect his disdain for the jab—what did he tell himself in those minute reprieves from a protracted beating? Could Sor Rungvisai identify flashes of success, punches that didn’t just land but altered the behavior, the resolve, and bearing of his opponent? Because such signs were almost imperceptible at a vantage point beyond the ropes. Rodriguez did what no one has done to Sor Rungivsai: he made him look small, even weak. A win over Sor Rungvisai, who had shown increasing wear of late? That was certainly possible, especially for Rodriguez, a Texan fighting in his hometown. But a one-sided drubbing? Who envisioned that?

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“Outside of effect, though, there is nothing particularly savage about Beterbiev, an unlikely quality considering his power. He is a thinking destroyer, a measured, patient, inexorable force. Everything he throws is purposeful and painful, and he knows it. So even in his trying moments, Beterbiev fights within himself. There are no demons to exorcise, no bloodlust to satisfy—only the application of strategy, the exercise of technique, and the mess to clean up afterward.”

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“The Harrison and Castano rematches illustrate one of Charlo’s greatest merits: he seeks rematches immediately and he is lethal in them. Strategy can explain that to a degree and certainly accounts for much of Charlo’s success in his second crack at Castano. In their first fight, Castano forced Charlo into exchanges and used them to land shorter punches on the inside. Charlo showed greater discipline in the rematch: he pumped his piercing jab to keep Castano at a manageable range and, rather than allow himself to be backed to the ropes, he moved laterally when Castano closed. But when Castano worked inside, when he caught Charlo on the ropes, when he scored with his left hook, his overhand right, Charlo fired back with full conviction in his power and a palpable disdain for his opponent.”

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