“If stardom awaits Stevenson, 18-0 (9), so must a new division (or two). There is little for Stevenson to prove at 130 pounds. He would need two fights to collect the two remaining titles in the division, but the time Stevenson likely requires to secure those belts (while defending his own) would be wasted. Spare Kenichi Ogawa and Robert Gutierrez; let each suffer no worse than a hypothetical defeat. Lightweight is where Stevenson will meet his first stern test—and with it, the opportunity to be something better than dominant.”

Read Dominance Absent Danger: Shakur Stevenson Routes Oscar Valdez on Hannibal Boxing.


“This was ultraviolence, a piercing reminder of the abyss that can separate even the best fighters in a division. Spence burrowed into Ugas and pulverized him, taking the fight where Ugas could match neither his prowess nor his effort. His bodywork was relentless, a symbol of his supreme confidence. Spence places his body shots well, but not because he is concerned with missing. His withering assault is the culmination of the punches he lands and those that don’t. Land or not, the message in those punches is the same: you will neither deter nor withstand me. Ugas resisted as best he could, fighting the kind of fight he is poorly suited for against a superior fighter in his element.”

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“The champion on the comeback trail knows this much: he was a champion. His return to glory culminates in the familiar; it confirms expectations and estimations alike. But what of the fighter who fell short of a title, he who knows painfully well how it feels to be proven wanting? The comeback trail for him isn’t about winning a title so much as earning another chance at the beckoning glory he is yet―despite what his galvanized ego assures him―to prove worthy of. He must determine whether the dream is still a reality or whether it must be altered, even abandoned altogether.”

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