IBR on The Cruelest Sport


It was another masterful performance from Rigondeaux, who won every round on all three scorecards, but failed again to win the applause of people who watch fights to see fights. Rigondeaux, Miami, Florida, is a master of hitting and not getting hit. It is hard to criticize his wizardry considering both the years of work it took to perfect, and the stakes in a sport where trained fighters aim their weapons at each other. But when the crowd wants to hear about the man from Nantucket, you don’t go reciting “Four Quartets.” Rigondeaux has addressed his relationship with the audience before, staunchly refusing to make concessions to satisfy the bloodlust of the paying public. And really, why would he? Despite all the talk of him being unwelcome on HBO airwaves, Rigondeaux was back headlining a show against an opponent who had lost three of his last five fights, and fought just once in the past two years. There are worse ways to make a living, especially for a Cuban defector. Surely Rigondeaux knows this, which might explain why he does little more than what is necessary to notch a win, preserve his health, and line up another easy payday.

Read Emptying Rooms: Guillermo Rigondeaux W12 Joseph Agbeko on The Cruelest Sport.


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