IBR on The Cruelest Sport


“Broner may be too lost in the swirl of his own hype and hype-men to ever learn from, or even acknowledge, his shortcomings. But Broner is unlikely to forget whatever he gleaned from the twelve painful rounds he shared with Maidana. Brought in yet again as a supporting player for another network star, Maidana, like he did to Victor Ortiz in 2009, threw the script in the garbage. Largely dismissive of Maidana in the build up to Saturday night, Broner, Cincinnati, Ohio, assured all that the plodding slugger was not on his level. The stoic Maidana promised only to do his part and to hit his opponent very hard. Which is what he did, for twelve merciless rounds.”

Read A Lesson In Violence: Marcos Maidana W12 Adrien Broner on the Cruelest Sport.


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