IBR on The Cruelest Sport


“Junior welterweight Danny Garcia was crowned “Homecoming King” at the Coliseo Ruben Rodriguez, in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, on Saturday night, but not without stumbling up the steps of the stage. Garcia won a hard-fought majority decision over Mauricio Herrera in a fight that was far more difficult than any coronation is supposed to be.”

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IBR on The Cruelest Sport


Last night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, Danny Garcia and Lucas Matthysse promised a savage consolation for those who preferred punches to pageantry, carnage to catchphrases, and a sense of drama not undermined by the presence of an androgynous teeny bopper mean-mugging. No, Garcia-Matthysse was just a high-stakes fight between two guys who crack heads—perfect, almost foolproof, in its simplicity. To the surprise of most, the fight went the distance; to the surprise of almost as many, Garcia did the best cracking, earning a hard-fought unanimous decision.

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IBR on The Cruelest Sport


Falling somewhere between the bearded lady and the lion tamer in its curiosity and danger, the fight between Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Saul Alvarez—who face each other at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday night—is without question the biggest event in boxing. Having learned a few months ago that the success of a Mayweather event is not exclusive of his opposition, Golden Boy Promotions is using the semi as a gruesome audition for Mayweather’s next opponent. Danny Garcia and Lucas Matthysse will try to unmake each other over a superfluously scheduled 12 rounds. At stake: the junior welterweight crown and a likely crack at Mayweather.

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