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“This complexity can only help Golovkin, born in Kazakhstan but now living in Stuttgart, Germany. It keeps him on the public’s tongues and thumbs, spawning arguments on social media that rage far longer than the ten or so minutes it took for him to dispatch Geale. Golovkin is quickly becoming the type of sports figure who validates worldviews, whose victories and defeats will be presented as evidence that a particular perspective on him, and any other attendant opinion tenuously attached to that perspective, is correct—and that those who disagree have faulty cognitive wiring.”

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IBR on The Cruelest Sport


“This then, is the real reason why Golovkin-Geale, despite being Golovkin’s fourth appearance on HBO, has generated no more than the typical excitement that accompanies his return. Once more the regicide is merely sharpening his blade, biding his time with no shot at the king in sight. Such patience is necessary if Golovkin plans to rule middleweight in coming years, and the transition from the Theater to MSG proper Saturday shows his handlers are willing to take risks promoting “GGG” along the way. The dearth of marquee opponents though, the type Golovkin, his believers, his skeptics desire, has tried a collective patience.”

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IBR on The Cruelest Sport


“The ring is my job.” – Gennady Golovkin

It is as refreshing as it is rare to hear a fighter speak so plainly about his bloody business, and rarer still to hear these words from a fighter who has captured the imagination of even the most skeptical observers. Fans of the “manly art” are as quick to embrace fighters whose language reflects boxing’s high stakes as they are to smell weakness in perspective. Yet, without platitudes middleweight headsman Gennady Golovkin continues to spellbind with little more than his professionalism and the violence it begets.

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