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“Any explanation of Marquez’ continued success must include his inexhaustible surliness. This internal fire manifests itself in the way Marquez disdainfully treats his opponents, how bitterly he takes defeats, and, perhaps by way of extension, in his hulking muscles and acne. Suspicions abound about Marquez, suspicions heightened by his involvement with slimy Angel Heredia, but the mastery Marquez displays is without question the product of talent honed through decades of work. Whatever role shady sports science may play for Marquez, his craft is wrought from a commitment that is rare among younger fighters, who see in every hardship the need to change something. Remember: this is a man who once drank his own urine believing it replenished nutrients—if that does not speak of commitment, nothing does.”

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IBR on The Cruelest Sport

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“If there is a desperate fighter here, it is Alvarado, who has shown a disturbing familiarity with self-destruction both in and out of the ring. Real desperation in boxing is never given forums like Face/Off, it never headlines in its hometown; in boxing, real desperation is most often passed over in silence. Still, there is a desperate air about Alvarado, 34-2 (23), who always seems one false move from the front page of the Denver Post.”

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IBR on The Cruelest Sport


Only seven months removed from a slugfest with Ruslan Provodnikov that left him slurring his speech for months, Tim Bradley entered the ring against Juan Manuel Marquez as something of a mystery. At his best, Bradley had the intelligence and athleticism to diffuse Marquez, but there was a chance that the actual Bradley, the one poised to face Marquez in Las Vegas last night, was only a shadow of himself. Would last night’s Bradley be able to dart safely in and out of range, or slip and roll with the punches of boxing’s foremost marksman? If not, how would this Bradley respond to the blows Marquez crashed into his skull? Bradley answered these questions and more in winning a split decision at the Thomas and Mack Center.

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