IBR on The Cruelest Sport


“While billed by some as a Superfight (!), many of the characteristics of such an event were missing from Pascal-Bute. Neither man, for example, had any momentum heading into the bout. Pascal’s last big fight was in May, 2011, when he was mind-melded and tamed in a rematch against Bernard “Ancient Alien” Hopkins; and Bute, pounded out in five rounds by Carl Froch in May, 2012, spent the last 14 months on the shelf with a hand injury. These were not two locomotives colliding so much as a couple of rusty Saturns jockeying for a parking space. Nor was there anything like a mandate for the fight outside of Quebec: Pascal-Bute took place in a division whose intrigue lay in other fights and other fighters (and that remains the case after Saturday night).”

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IBR on The Cruelest Sport

“It is late October 2011, in Toronto, a time of year when the chill lays siege to your bones. The clouds menace overhead, tumbling like waves, seemingly within reach. In St. James Park, close to 2000 protesters gather; the marginalized voiceless—legitimate and otherwise—congregate in a small park within shouting distance of the epicenter of Canadian finance to give sound to their disparate plight.”

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