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If any fight from this past weekend is to dominate discussion in the coming days it is the HBO main event from the Turning Stone Resort and Casino, in Verona, New York, where junior welterweight Lucas Matthysse barely survived, and narrowly outpointed, Ruslan Provodnikov. And the attention Matthysse-Provodnikov receives as its dust settles is well-deserved. While perhaps not the apotheosis of violence the unbridled enthusiasm that preceded it anticipated, Matthysse and Provodnikov arrested a collective attention for twelve brutal rounds, the type of rounds that obscure futures.

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IBR on The Cruelest Sport


“There is more to creating a diamond than pressure and heat. Time also plays a role; and time, as something exhaustible, is a player in Matthysse-Provodnikov as well. It is impossible to imagine these men leaving the ring Saturday unchanged by the other’s mischief, nearly as difficult to imagine their careers maintaining whatever trajectory caused their collision. And does it not feel as if, in facing each other, Matthysse and Provodnikov, are meeting their destiny, that beast in the jungle whose pursuit, however unforeseen, would inevitably overtake them?”

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IBR on The Cruelest Sport

Danny Garcia v Lamont Peterson

“What Garcia is as a fighter brings one of those aforementioned fictions into play. Garcia is often described as an unremarkable fighter, one who, while excelling at few facets of boxing is proficient enough at most to get over on the unpolished types who dominate the sport. The more Garcia fights, however, the less he appears to deserve the second part of that description—the more he looks like merely an unremarkable fighter. That this reevaluation throws shade on the merits of his opponents perhaps also explains some of the vitriol directed at Garcia, who is nothing special, yet good enough to beat more popular opponents.”

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