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“While boxing has a tendency to lay waste to logic, there are rare instances where it enforces it as well. Such was the case at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Saturday night, where Saul Alvarez won a unanimous decision over Miguel Cotto, and both men scored victories over the either/or argument. Very little in life is so rigid as to permit no positioning between extremes, and Cotto-Alvarez was no different.”

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IBR on The Cruelest Sport.



“Fights are not settled by the mental gymnastics of nonparticipants, however—even when these gymnastics come with visual aids. Whatever technical superiorities Cotto has, whatever advantages his experience provides, could mean very little when the bell rings. Hugh McIlvanney once wrote: “Perhaps only boxing among major sports offers a man the frustration of demonstrating unquestionable superiority at the same as he is moving irrevocably to defeat.” The earnest pursuit of Cotto by Alvarez and GBP reflects their belief that Saturday will play out in such a way.”

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IBR on The Cruelest Sport


“Or perhaps Max Kellerman, Jim Lampley, and Roy Jones Jr. celebrated fittingly the effort Bradley put forth, and this perceived lack of praise was the result of the ménage of fawning that preceded it. Because the commentary provided during the opening bout, which saw Vasyl Lomachenko dissect Romulo Koasicha in ten rounds, was shameless proselytizing. Lomachenko is a wonderful fighter, that much is obvious, (though, and this point may be lost on HBO, not made more so by the quality of opponent Lomachenko has recently faced). But his efforts were exceeded by those of the commentary team, who over ten rounds constructed a mythology for Lomachenko out of keeping with a fighter who needed more than a single punch to turn Koasicha into dust.”

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