Take Another Hit: A Preview of Salido – Lopez II

This isn’t the beginning of a new trend for IBR. If you want to read excellent fight previews I suggest reading Michael Nelson’s work at www.thecruelestsport.com (and anything else posted on that site). Occasionally however, it’s nice to branch out and try your hand at something new.

Here then, is the first—and probably only—fight preview for IBR. Bask in its brevity, and good luck with your prediction league.


2 thoughts on “Take Another Hit: A Preview of Salido – Lopez II

    1. Glad you liked it!
      I’m thinking about adding a short story to this one.
      As for doing similar posts in the future, why not? There’s a certain middleweight champion fighting next week, for example, who lends himself rather nicely to this kind of prediction.

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