Ladies Free Before Ten: A Preview of Martinez – Macklin

Given that the first IBR fight preview was a resounding success (the prediction was correct and someone even commented on the post!) you know there just had to be a sequel. Here then, is the prediction equivalent of Wedding Crashers 2…though considering the subject, perhaps Zoolander 2 would be more appropriate. And hey, good luck in your predictions leagues.



3 thoughts on “Ladies Free Before Ten: A Preview of Martinez – Macklin

  1. Well played Sir. If only you would’ve added a Bomberman pic for the opening bout prediction though the reference would likely go over many peoples heads.

    1. I know the Zoolander comparison is the most entertaining, but Martinez’ likeness to Don Flamenco is eerie.

      I had to google Bomberman. And since I have a Nintendo, I now have to hunt down Bomberman.

      1. Warning, it can be insanely addictive in it’s simplicity. Damn I wish I still had my NES along with my copy of Tecmo Bowl.

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