IBR on The Cruelest Sport

Lucas Matthysse

“After weeks of haggling over contractual details, the fight was finally sealed two weeks ago. Hopefully Garcia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, squeezed every dime he could out of the lengthy negotiations. Garcia-Matthysse is a fight that should end spectacularly; when the collective jaws drop, Garcia’s jaw stands to be the most radically unhinged. A frightening mashup of carnage and tranquility, Matthysse gives every indication of being the superior fighter. His skeptics, now largely regarded with the same distaste grubby placard-wavers on Speakers’ Corner are, were silenced when Matthysse destroyed normally durable Lamont Peterson in May.”

Read One Is The Loneliest Number: On Danny Garcia-Lucas Matthysse and Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Saul Alvarez on The Cruelest Sport


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