IBR on The Cruelest Sport


“With two Olympic gold medals and a staggering amateur record of 396-1, Lomachenko—along with his team and promoter Top Rank—believed he had the polish and savvy to the surmount the rugged nuance of the aging Salido. Seven years younger than his opponent, and with far fewer miles on his body, Lomachenko, Marina Del Ray, California, via Ukraine, was expected to exploit his glaring advantages in speed and athleticism. And he did just that, in spurts of varying duration. But unlike the Olympics, where the spirit of friendly global competition is at least supposed to pervade, and unlike the amateurs, where prizes not purses are awarded, the professional ranks are a cutthroat racket filled with men grasping at whatever chances are within reach—and the best of these men die hard. Lomachenko had undoubtedly learned much in his amateur career, but Salido would teach him about desperation.”

Read Desperate Measures: Orlando Salido W12 Vasyl Lomachenko on The Cruelest Sport.


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