IBR on The Cruelest Sport


“No one did more talking in the build up to the fight than Bradley. He questioned Pacquiao’s zest for combat and turned the knife by adding that Pacquiao would need a stoppage to win—a feat Pacquiao could not accomplish against a hobbled Bradley in June of 2012, and one he had not managed since 2009. Bradley complimented this dismissive talk by promising to gun for Pacquiao’s head Saturday night; a move which, considering Bradley’s reputation for feather dusting, was like a slap hitter digging in and pointing his bat toward the center field fence. But Bradley, Palm Springs, California, is never more motivated than when he perceives he is being doubted—and Bradley is never short on motivation. He swore Pacquiao was past it, promised to tear him up, and, to his credit, Bradley answered the opening bell trying to make good on his word.”

Read Walking Tall: Manny Pacquiao W12 Timothy Bradley on the Cruelest Sport.


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