IBR on The Cruelest Sport.


“It was not supposed to be this way, of course, which explains the transparent hijinx leading up to the fight. We were encouraged to believe that distractions in his personal life, strategically made public by none other than Mayweather himself, threatened to infiltrate the sanctity of his preparation. There was talk, too, of potential retirement, as if the man who branded himself “Money” would bid goodbye with earnings in the neighbourhood of $100 million still on the table. And as “The Moment” drew nearer, objections to Maidana’s gloves were raised, emptily threatening to scuttle the fight. This is what passes for promotion in a Mayweather event: broken bells and whistles unable to drown out the collective groan amongst those who crave bang for their buck in a combat sport.”

Read Nemesis: Floyd Mayweather Jr. W12 Marcos Maidana on The Cruelest Sport.


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