IBR on The Cruelest Sport


“It would be interesting to hear Friedrich Nietzsche’s take on Ruslan Provodnikov. Nietzsche, whose philosophy apotheosized the will, would surely provide interesting commentary on a fighter who exemplifies the creative and destructive potential of an iron volition. Provodnikov is not unique in his fixation on will—boxing is a sport predicated on willpower directed both without and within—but there is an almost mystic quality to the language he uses in reducing a violent ritual to a test between intangible forces. It is both frightening and captivating to hear Provodnikov, Beryozovo, Russia, speak of how his willpower allows him to overcome opponents and himself alike. And he means what he says: in the ring, when the talking stops, Provodnikov covets only attrition.”

Read: Anything But The Knots: Chris Algieri W12 Ruslan Provodnikov on The Cruelest Sport.


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