IBR on The Cruelest Sport

“Enter Brooklyn, New York, welterweight Luis Collazo, a hardscrabble southpaw with a history of dropping close decisions to higher profile fighters, making them look awful in the process, and thereby giving himself enough hope and coin to continue lacing up his gloves. Collazo did as expected at the USF Sundome in Tampa, Florida, Saturday night, retiring on his stool at the end of the seventh round, unable to see out of an eye torn apart by a headbutt, yet strangely uninterested in lobbying for an outcome befitting the origin of his injury. “If I would have come out of my corner again I probably would have gotten caught with some unnecessary shots and I didn’t need that,” reflected Collazo, revealing just how unnecessary victory has become for him, and how little he warrants another high profile crack at one.”

Read Small Victories: Keith Thurman TKO8 Luis Collazo on The Cruelest Sport.


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