IBR on The Cruelest Sport


“Unlike Bradley, the question of what Lomachenko has left is hardly worth asking: he is only 27, and but two years into his professional career. And yet, how Bradley reached his precipice is something Lomachenko might consider. Lomachenko will be the best fighter in the ring Saturday night, but greatness, which someone of his pedigree and ambition should be concerned with, demands more of such attributes than their mere possession. In speaking of that ambition, Lomachenko declared, “I love boxing for the sport of competing against the best. I want to fight the fighters who will challenge me. I have shown that I only want big fights.” If this is what he wants, Lomachenko wants a career like Bradley’s. But is he positioned for one?”

Read New Ambition: On Timothy Bradley and Vasyl Lomachenko on The Cruelest port.


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