IBR on UCNLive


“Saul Alvarez flattened Amir Khan in six rounds at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday night. A single right hand, one launched, quite rightly, without regard for what might come in return, did the trick. With the win, Alvarez got back to harrowing welterweights as he did before Floyd Mayweather Jr. humbled him in 2013. Somehow the image of Khan, first crumpled then unfolded, impressed Alvarez’s adoring throng, a constituency devoted enough to ensure another welterweight (perhaps a Filipino one) will be challenge enough when Alvarez next defends his 155-pound middleweight championship for 60 of your dollars or millions of HBO’s.”

Read Dollars and Daylights: Saul Alvarez vs Amir Khan on UCN Live.


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