IBR on UCN Live


“The rhetoric surrounding Lomachenko can still border on the absurd, so too the criticism. But what can be said of Lomachenko today, that could not be said of him as he last walked to the ring, is that most everyone now cares to see who is correct – his supporters or critics. For his supporters, Lomachenko’s treatment of Martinez was mere confirmation of what they have believed for some time: that “Hi-Tech” might one day be operating in a class by himself. For those who found his tendency to toy with opponents boring or amateurish, Lomachenko merely did what he is supposed to against an opponent, in many ways, made to order for him. Very well, let Lomachenko continue to do as he is supposed to – boxing needs more world-class fighters turning seasoned and sturdy professionals into rubberized amnesiacs.”

Read Aftermath: On Vasyl Lomachenko and Felix Verdejo on UCN Live.


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