IBR on 15 Rounds


“What Charlo-Williams offered, what aficionados are offered too infrequently, is an evenly matched prizefight on a premium network; a fight where the winner is in doubt both before the opening bell, and frequently enough during the fight’s five rounds to imbue not only the exchanges, but those tense moments of inaction with a drama so often absent from nights spent searching for entertainment in the inevitable. Never mind that both fighters were undefeated—an undefeated record is as much a masking agent as an indicator of merit. And never mind that Charlo held a title, given that he won that belt over a man in his forties, and first defended it against someone named Wilky Campfort. What mattered is that within minutes of them keeping no company but each other, Charlo and Williams recognized the quality of opponent before them and were concerned but unbowed by that knowledge.”

Read “Detract from what?”: Charlo Derails Williams on 15Rounds.com.


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