IBR on 15 Rounds


“Whatever the merits of Saturday night’s main event, it has been three years since Broner gave a memorable performance. That night, Broner danced into the ring in the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, got humiliated by Marcos Maidana, then hurried woozily out of the spotlight. For many, Broner’s appeal to that point lay primarily in seeing him humbled, that it came at the hands of an affable killer like Maidana only made it sweeter. Having scared Broner out of the welterweight division, Maidana parlayed his victory into a fight with Floyd Mayweather, that fight into a rematch, and ultimately, an early retirement. He gave Mayweather hell in their first fight, yet it was his solving of “The Problem” that Maidana will be remembered best for. And that speaks to the kind of presence Broner has.”

Read Broner Isn’t the Problem Anymore on 15Rounds.com.


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