IBR on 15 Rounds

Vasyl Lomachenko, Jason Sosa

“Sosa was a good opponent, good enough to make Nicholas Walters miss the featherweight division, good enough to win a fringe title by knockout, but his haplessness was evident before even a commentary team eager to celebrate Lomachenko would have it (a whiff of danger being welcome if only to celebrate its impotence). In the first round, Sosa threw a right uppercut/left hook counter so late he appeared to be shadowboxing alone. A deep breath followed, as did a nod, and in his body language Sosa betrayed his role in the forthcoming puppetry. Sosa’s greatest attribute was a doggedness that charmed for as long as the fight did; but courage, bravery, resolve—if all they can offer is confirmation of themselves, well, then a fight losses much of that which makes it sporting.”

Read Hi-Tech’s Competition and Critics Need an Upgrade on 15Rounds.com.


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