IBR on Hannibal Boxing


“Some will, of course, deny him this and anything else they can. They will ask what happened to the bogeyman with the absurd knockout ratio—if only to provide the answer they think best diminishes the fighter and his accomplishments. Such is Golovkin’s fate, and perhaps rightly so. Did he get old in his mid-thirties, as pressure fighters typically do? Perhaps. But then Golovkin is likely to still crumple all but the four or five best fighters in his division, so pointing to age as the crucial factor behind the diminished returns of his recent fights must to his detractors feel far too charitable. They would assert instead that it was a rather drastic improvement in his opposition that made a man of the monster. Trust that Golovkin’s supporters would respond by saying he should still be undefeated and so, man or monster, he remains the class of the division.”

Read The Transfer of Power: On Saul Alvarez-Gennady Golovkin on Hannibal Boxing.


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