IBR on Hannibal Boxing


He makes a decent gatekeeper, though, doesn’t he? Broner is talented enough to trouble all but the elite, can chin check any welterweight on the planet, takes a good punch himself, and yet isn’t committed to winning enough to force his opponent anywhere uncomfortable for long. He also has yet to be stopped, and the first man to do so will proudly—too proudly, no?—claim to have done what Marcos Maidana, Mikey Garcia, Manny Pacquiao could not. And while people may bemoan Broner’s antics outside the ring, his apathy within it, the Cincinnati fighter remains an attraction. A gatekeeper who still manages to bring an audience—is there any better kind? “The Problem,” then, should expect further outcomes as degrading as his effort. Funny how a fighter who has treated people he deems beneath him so poorly now mans the elevator to an elite club that long ago laughed off his application.”

Read Gatekeeping: Manny Pacquiao Dominates Adrien Broner on Hannibal Boxing.


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