IBR on Hannibal Boxing


“Suffice it to say, Alvarez is not as good as his career-best performance from August indicates; only the great meet this singular standard more than once. He struggled with lesser fighters than Kovalev, including a shopworn Jean Pascal (twice pulped by Kovalev) whom Alvarez squeaked by before the first Kovalev fight, and went feebly to defeat against a man he’d whacked helpless less than six months ago. If this assessment of him seems an effort to deny Kovalev his due, there is always this truth to clutch: Alvarez entered the ring Saturday before all else the man who destroyed Kovalev last August. That was who Kovalev was facing—that is who Kovalev tamed. Make of that taming what you will, but such feats are uncommon.”

Read Picking Up the Pieces: Sergey Kovalev Reverses His Loss to Eleider Alvarez on Hannibal Boxing.


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