IBR on Hannibal Boxing


“Nothing about Spence’s performance Saturday is likely to embolden his Premier Boxing Companions into reckoning with him. That well-compensated and seasoned bunch knows too well that the remuneration for a stern challenge hardly exceeds that of two or three middling ones, and they plot their careers accordingly. (Spence also understands this simple calculation, though he seems less enamored by its efficacy). It should come as no surprise then that forty-year-old Manny Pacquiao was conveniently ringside to later hint at the biggest in-house event Al Haymon can deliver Spence—short of convincing Floyd Mayweather Jr. to unretire to be an underdog. All of the talent he has at welterweight and Haymon is using a lightweight and a man in his forties to build Spence. An indictment of Haymon’s welterweights, that, and a lesson in how not to dangle a carrot.”

Read No Man Down: Errol Spence Cruises Past Mikey Garcia on Hannibal Boxing.


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