IBR on Hannibal

fury-schwarz-fight (8)

“There is little to say about the action. That Schwarz was ranked number two by the WBO is baffling only until you remember who the sanctioning body’s favorite promoter is. You hadn’t heard of Schwarz, 24-1 (16), before he was sacrificed to Fury and he’ll return to Germany, never to be heard from again. Fury danced on the hapless heavyweight like a six-foot-nine Josh Baskin pounding out a melody on the (LM)FAO Schwarz keys. A pair of hooks to the body were all Schwarz could land, and only because Fury, enamored with his own slickness, occasionally swapped a sound defense for a flashy one.”

Read Short of Gold: After Demolishing Schwarz, Tyson Fury Waits for the “Biggest Fight in Boxing” on Hannibal Boxing.


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