IBR on Hannibal Boxing


With respect to Darnell Boone, the 24-24-5 (13) fighter who, in the span of three fights in 2011, knocked out future light heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson and dropped a split decision to light-heavyweight co-kingpin Sergey Kovalev, Augustus was the journeyman of his era. He owes much of that distinction to his style, the off-rhythm shrugs, shimmies, waves, and wobbles, that earned him the moniker “Drunken Master.” His style was one of showboating without insult, a sort of bewitching performance that transfixed opponents. There was playfulness there, in the smiles and theatrics, and frivolity too, if one considers how many narrow decisions Augustus coughed up. Still, Augustus hit opponents enough during his pantomimes to remind them that he was there to fight, and only a natural fighter could have employed that style with such unnerving effect.”

Read The Drunken Master: On Emanuel Augustus on Hannibal Boxing.


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