IBR on Hannibal Boxing

GTY 1208082147 S BOX SPO USA NV

Double-jab, right hand; feint, feint, double-jab. These were some of the tools Fury used to confound the heavyweight division’s premier seek-and-destroy expert. Fury need not even land those punches to disrupt Wilder: the aggression alone was enough to force Wilder back, make him reset his feet, restart the process of his right hand. But woe to any opponent who thinks muscle memory and a trainer’s reinforcement between rounds is enough to replicate this strategy. Fury is the only heavyweight with the size, speed, and reflexes to torment Wilder so. (And the nerve, a quality that until further notice eliminates Anthony Joshua from consideration. His feeble act of supposed vengeance against Andy Ruiz cannot be unseen. Joshua has the tools to beat both Fury and Wilder yet will remain the odd man out in the heavyweight triumvirate until he regains his champion’s arrogance.)”

Read The Way Out is Through: Tyson Fury Defuses Deontay Wilder on Hannibal Boxing.


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