IBR on Hannibal Boxing

“‘Speed is the last excitement left,’ writes Don DeLillo in End Zone, ‘the one thing we haven’t used up, still naked in its potential, the mysterious black gift that thrills millions.’ Not flashy speed, thrilling speed—speed of hand and foot, shoulder and hip, harnessed to render men silent. Inoue has it. It’s part of the preternatural athleticism that underlies his mastery, infuses his movements with a dynamism and danger reminiscent of Roy Jones. Inoue is more orthodox than Jones—he keeps his hands higher, works behind his jab—but like Jones, his bearing reflects a fighter in complete control of his generational talent. Like Jones, he leaves before you arrive, returns before you can leave, and then leaves you to pick up the pieces.”

Read Naoya Inoue: A Gift to Thrill Millions on Hannibal Boxing.


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