“What did Deontay Wilder see in Helenius? There was that striking resemblance to his nemesis: the bulk, the beard, the baldness. Indeed, were the police to assemble a lineup of suspects in their hunt for the man who twice made off with Wilder’s daylights, Helenius might find himself among them, called forward and asked to utter the word “dosser” before stepping back beyond the interrogatory light. What Wilder saw that Helenius did not, could not, was an opponent selected to recover the mystique of boxing’s most frightening puncher. Helenius was a sacrifice; all Wilder needed to do was finalize the process. And who deals in greater finality than Wilder?”

Read Bring the Noise: Deontay Wilder Wipes Out Robert Helenius in Return on Hannibal Boxing.

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