IBR on The Cruelest Sport


“Born in Port-au-Prince Haiti, but now living in Laval, Quebec, Pascal was, in a sense, the wrong fighter in the ring. Serving as a sort of stand-in for fellow Haitian-Canadian Adonis Stevenson—who bolted for the security of Al Haymon’s insular universe when the drums for Kovalev beat loudest—Pascal was the next best man for the job. Unorthodox, athletic, and a proven draw in Montreal, Pascal resembled Stevenson closely enough to keep the “what if” scenarios churning in the shame campaign Main Events has conducted since Stevenson made his much-maligned business decision.”

Read With Malice Aplenty: Sergey Kovalev TKO8 Jean Pascal on The Cruelest Sport.


4 thoughts on “IBR on The Cruelest Sport

  1. Entertaining fight, moment of the year so far is surely Kovalev pointing at Pascal and laughing with his corner, ‘I got this’. That guy hits damn hard.

      1. Very very true, he hasn’t lost his edge or ability/willingness to be clinical one bit, which is quite remarkable when you compare it to other fighters who experienced similar.

        Hopefully the fight with Stevenson is made for later this year

      2. I’d love to see him handle a dangerous guy like Stevenson. But while I tried to hold of on claiming Stevenson ducked him, it’s become pretty clear that Adonis wants nothing to do with anyone who is actually a threat. He’ll probably milk his relationship with Haymon, and then ride off into the sunset.

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