IBR on The Cruelest Sport

“A fighter, heavily tattooed, rests on his right knee, his left hand held gingerly to his face as blood drips from his nose; he is squinting, breathing heavily, but composed. Inches from him a referee in a pink shirt coordinates waving his arms with shaking his head; his expression registering equal parts officialdom and compassion. A few feet away on the canvas a second fighter, too, is on his knees; his arms stretch toward the same open sky he has turned his face to; there is a calm about him, one that seems to distance him from the intimate exchange only a few feet away. An army of gaudily attired men spill between the ropes, some quickly, others urgently, but all drawn to the fighters like magnets of opposite charge.”

Read Malfunction: Viktor Postol KO10 Lucas Matthysse on The Cruelest Sport.


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