IBR on The Cruelest Sport


“Deontay Wilder stopped Johann Duhaupas in eleven rounds at the Legacy Arena in Birmingham, Alabama, on Saturday night, approximately seven rounds later than even generous expectations foresaw, and three rounds later than the fight’s meager offering of competitiveness dictated. Before lionizing Duhaupas for his toughness—which so grossly exceeds his craft as to render the latter moot—consider this: “Duhaupas is making his U.S. debut” was the biographical tidbit offered in the Rogers Cable Guide description of the fight. Make of Duhaupas what you will (to make of Wilder what you want) but when a cable guide, which is supposed to accurately reflect the content of a broadcast or embellish it in an intriguing way, can muster no better pitch for a fighter than his inaugural journey to the U.S., well, that probably means there is little to say.”

Read Night of the Reptile: Deontay WIlder TKO11 Johann Dupauhas on The Cruelest Sport.


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