IBR on Hannibal Boxing


Boxing isn’t professional wrestling, and what success the Charlos had achieved by the time they hammered out their signature victories was not the product of a gimmick designed to manipulate the reactions of an expertly diagnosed audience. The Charlos could fight. Moreover, they could at times—though too infrequently—do so with a prejudice befitting their profession. Williams and Lubin were not beaten; they were destroyed, humiliated, left silent thereby. However easy the mind moves toward questions of rank, the question the Charlos encouraged one to consider was not how good the brothers were so much as which matchups would best furnish that answer. Because were the Charlos to synergize their malice and talent as they did against Williams and Lubin, respectively, the outcomes of their fights would be a secondary concern. And in a fractious and fractured business isn’t the promise of a little well-spilled blood reason enough to get excited?”

Read The Waning: On Jermell and Jermall Charlo on Hannibal Boxing.


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