IBR on Hannibal Boxing


And that is why Garcia, not Spence, is the story. Whether he is the best lightweight in the world is unclear, he has no claim to junior welterweight supremacy, yet he is facing one of the two best welterweights on the planet. Had he chosen Danny Garcia as an opponent, or Shawn Porter, or even Keith Thurman, the response to Garcia’s daring wouldn’t have been the same (because not one of them represents a seeming impossibility). That is how good Garcia is; that is how well he is esteemed. There is, then, a slight hedge in Garcia’s selecting Spence—because losing to the world’s most dangerous welterweight does less damage to his stature than it does his body.”

Read Deeds Matching Words: On Mikey Garcia-Errol Spence on Hannibal Boxing.


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