IBR on Hannibal Boxing


“Boone wasn’t programmed at birth to be a champion like Floyd Mayweather Jr. was, he wasn’t born into a fighting culture like Felix Trinidad, he didn’t have his family’s aspirations foisted on him like Mikey Garcia. His peripatetic career reflects a fighter free of the pressures of expectations beyond his own. Sure, Boone had to carve out a living, but he’d already proved a survivor. When he speaks about his early years in boxing the curiosity is undeniable. He is certainly pragmatic, something rooted in a guiding sense of responsibility to others, but Boone gives the impression of being the type of person who will stop at the reptile farm advertised on the interstate, flip through an old newspaper, listen to your demo. The fighter who has fought in forty-nine different venues in fifty-four fights had freedom afforded him by his late start and a lack of expectations—and he embraced it.”

Read Still Standing: On Darnell Boone on Hannibal Boxing.


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