IBR on Hannibal Boxing

“Before the seventh round, McGirt leaned into Gatti, “I’m stopping it, I’m stopping it. No more. No More. Your eyes are closing.” Gatti, the never-say-die warrior offered but a perfunctory protest. This was a new level of defeat; both men knew it. The sixth round had served as an exhibition of what a young Mayweather was capable of when the moment called for something more dramatic than a simple victory. Billed “Thunder and Lighting” the title reversed the natural order: lightning comes before thunder, and the electric Mayweather had flashed violently and disappeared long before Gatti could boom. Gatti had nothing for Mayweather, he never did, and Gatti–Mayweather was more event than fight. Mayweather, who knew as much all along, did as he should have, and butchered his iconic opponent.”

Read Future Gains: On Arturo Gatti-Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Hannibal Boxing.


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